The heart and soul of Lutheran theology is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God loves you!! That’s good news. All of your sins are forgiven through the death and resurrection of Jesus. This forgiveness is given to you for free. It is a gift of God for you.

When we trust in God’s love for us in Jesus Christ, we see God as He truly is, as a God of love. His creation is His gift for us. His Spirit gives us faith. His salvation is given to us freely. His eternal paradise is prepared for us. God is with us. God will never leave us.

Joy marks the life of the one who trusts in Christ. But joy isn’t always happiness. Sometimes life is full of trials (crosses) that we must face. Evil is real. Sin has consequences. These things war against us. But even in these things, we know that God is with us. This is not some trite saying or nice thought. We know that God is with us in the midst of suffering, since He is revealed precisely through the suffering of Jesus.

The most important teaching of Lutheran theology is that God loves you with no effort, merit or work on your behalf. God loves you. He sent His only Son to die and rise for you. His love is fulfilled in the Gospel. That is good news and fills us with joy. God loves you for all of eternity. Freely. That will never change.

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